Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friday Talk Series - December 3, 2010, PILSARC Library

Dear All,

Thank you for following the PILSARC Talk Series and helping us to create a lively debate here in the library every Friday. After last Friday’s discussion (if you missed it, our intern has put up a report which is available on the PILSARC blog) on the environmental issues surrounding mining and damming activities in India, we now hike the heat up a notch as we move on to the recent Markandeya Katju decision on live-in relationships in India as perceived by our courts. Taking it further (as was agreed upon), this Friday we meet to discuss the rights and wrongs of sexual orientation and the law as it applies to the LGBTIQs of our country.

I hope you will all come and be moved to participate actively, please feel free to bring along friends / colleagues / like minded people.

Tea and snacks are on us, as also the responsibility of steering the discussion!

Topic(s) – Katju’s judgement on live-in relationships ; law and sexual orientation in India
Lead by - Dr. Rajeev Dhavan
Where - PILSARC Library, Basement, A-131 New Friends Colony, Delhi
When – 3 December, 2010, from 5.30 p.m.

I look forward to seeing you this Friday at the PILSARC Library!

Warm regards,

Rashmi Raman
Senior Researcher,

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  1. Is it not possible to have a transcript of the discussion posted on the blog. Alternatively, the notes prepared by Dr. Dhavan for the discussion.

    This is because it is not really possible for all to attend the sessions on weekdays and we really do not want to miss such rich discussions. This would also disseminate the ideas further, increase participation and will provide us all with the written text which may be useful in the years to come.