Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friday Talk Series - November 26, 2010, PILSARC Library

To all those who have been attending sessions on Friday evenings, thank you for coming and strengthening the debate here at PILSARC! Last week's discussion on Kashmir was arguably the hottest one we've had in this series!

Tomorrow, to take the heat down a notch, as decided by last week's vote, we will gather to explore the environmental concerns arising from the recent spate of judgements on mines and dams, a topic that has made activists sit up and take notice even as international conventions on environmental degradation witness an all-time high.

Please bring along friends / colleagues / interesting people you know / students, and join us as we begin to understand the promise and the price of environmental protection in India.

What - Environmental protection in India - mines and dams
Who - Lead by Dr. Rajeev Dhavan
When - Tomorrow, Friday, 26 November, 2010
What time - 5.30 p.m.
Where - PILSARC Library (Basement), A 131, New Friends Colony, Delhi - 25

Tea, snacks and copies of the available discussion materials are on us, as is the difficult responsibility of steering the conversation!

The PILSARC Friday Talk Series is intended to provide a free and informal forum for intelligent, critical, analytical minds to speak out and have their voices heard. In case I have missed out inviting people that attended the previous talks in this list, please do forward this invite to them - thanks!

I look forward very much to seeing you all here tomorrow evening!



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